Skills4Parents workshop : effective communication in the family

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Communication is crucial and acts as the base of all relationships.  We are all communicator and the way we communicate can have an influence on our relations, including within our family.  Do you ever feel that even though you all want the same thing, you find it hard to discuss it together and agree? Or simply wish that communication would be smoother and more straightforward with your children? This can lead to frustration, which let’s face it, is not helping smooth communication. Let’s explore how to break this circle with easy tips to enhance empathic and efficient communication in the family!

Learning about effective communication can make it easier to avoid these pitfalls and promote empathetic communication within your family.  Tips on effective communication can help smoother interaction in your everyday life, as it is explained in the parenting guide: Skills4Parents.

During this workshop focusing on the communication Learning Package of the guide, you will:

  • Learn how to use the Skills4Parents resources so  they can concretely help you in your daily family life;

  • Learn about effective communication and understand the tips and strategies for effective and empathic communication with their children and teenagers.

  • Improve your communication skills and in that way positively influence your children’s communication skills;

  • Build strategies for healthy communication channels with your children and teenagers.

  • Go through case studies to put your learning into practice.


Camille Roux is a Policy and Advocacy Officer at COFACE Families Europe where she works on disability rights, gender equality and children's rights. She has been coordinating the drafting of the Skills4Parents guide, organising focus group with parents from various backgrounds to match their parenting experience and expectation to expertise of the 6 partner organisations to create a learning experience that caters for the needs of all families. 

Camille has a background in communication and human rights, she graduated from the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in 2016.

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18 octobre 2022
de 20h à 22h30


En ligne via Zoom


Nathalie Velu

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Membre : 25€ par atelier.

Non-membre : 32€ par atelier.

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